All about The Holy Spirit – A First Hand Account by Sunraytony.

January 27, 2012

FACTS ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT………………………………………….. Part  One

  1. If you were to purchase a ‘state of the art’ mobile phone or a tablet today, you would have to carefully study the booklet of instructions or CD that came along with it or else probably ask someone  with the knowledge of how it operates to its fullest extent to teach you. Why? Because it is only then you will become fully knowledgeable on how to operate all off its features and to launch them fully to get your money’s worth.
  2. Today I am going be your guide into the workings of THS to the fullest extent that I know of and although I have read books by a famous Pentecostals I must state quite clearly that we work for the same establishment, but serve in different departments so as to speak and have separate entrances too. The Governing body is the same.
  3. Did you know that THS is with you if you have professed to follow Yeshua and if you have been baptized for the remission of your sins? When you profess publically that you are a follower of Yeshua, THS comes along with that commitment you have made.  It’s a guarantee that all followers of Yeshua receive The Holy Spirit when they are born again or Baptized. (Confirmation for Catholics in case you feel I am leaving you out) When you are born again, you are making a commitment to Yeshua that you will faithfully follow the teachings that he received from his heavenly Father to the very best of your ability to do so. Confess your inability to do so at times directly to your Heavenly Father El-Shaddai. You will always be forgiven.  Why? It is because he has said so. (Empty hands and a contrite heart is all he has asked of you)
  4. Once you are born again,  THS is with you 24X7. Then why is it that I cannot converse with him you might ask? Well like I have told you before, it is because he is creating an intelligence apart from himself. Were he to interact with all people, he would be back to square one. If he has need of you, he will converse with you however it will be for you to do his work. In other words you might have to become an instrument of the Lord and not the other way around. (I am not here for your entertainment says THS – Read more about this elsewhere.)
  5. For your Guidance the following was one of my Prayers to THS for oh so long ago:
  6. Sir, you are always with me and when I leave this world you will lead me through the curtain of death like you lead Yeshua into the Abode  you prepared for him and those who profess to follow him where I will be united with Yeshua ,  Mariam and the saints.
  7. And although you cannot  converse with me I want you to know that if you should need me to be an instrument you could use to harvest souls, I am ready.(/not ready yet, but will one day be). Guide and protect me. Not that I will blame you if any mishap occurs in my life but it feels good to know you care for me. I love you my heavenly Father, and My God. (John:20:17)
  8. Life in the spirit as an Instrument of El Shaddai is not easy. Just imagine yourself to be in a room with a movie camera trained on you 24×7. What happens when you enter your bathroom? The camera follows you even there. Frightening isn’t it , well it was never meant to be because you are not being  called to be an instrument but if ever you are called, then that’s what  is  going to happen to you. You are too precious to be left entirely on your own. Do not be afraid though, your teacher is no less than the one who created humans.
  9. Remember though that although you might never be called to become an instrument, he is still with you 24×7 and if you do not feel uncomfortable, It is because you cannot hear his voice or feel his presence. (“you have not heard my father’s  voice”, the very same one Yeshua talked about.) but even if you did, you would not feel too embarrassed and soon get used to it. Even if you are  married.  After all he is your God.
  10. You have the stamp of El Shaddai on your forehead. Your are a marked one, the son or daughter of El Shaddai. So go with God as the saying goes.

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