Facts about The Holy Spirit………Part Two

FACTS  ABOUT THE HOLY Spirit…………………………………………….. Part  Two

…………….If u could read my mind what a tale ther’d be to tell…..………

Now comes what is a hard or difficult to accept.

I have viewed clips on Videos and have heard and read about Prisoners of War or Terrorists  who were held under 24 hour surveillance by their captors.  The prisoners were forced to use a partially/fully open toilet (with no doors) and one that could be viewed by their captors or wardens either directly or on closed circuit. Fair enough you might say I can accept that as a part of my life in the spirit BUT let me remind you this. No one could read their minds (stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage comes to my mind) They were free to wander in their minds wherever their thoughts led them. I used to often keep looking at them (thoughts) and very much like dreams wondered how they crept into the mind. There is no gate one could use to shut them out. As far as thoughts are concerned trying to keep them out develops into a tussle for mind space. In extreme cases a mental breakdown. Religion helps in setting up boundaries where one should not wander beyond. Good thoughts should be cultivated.

Can you or are you willing to accept keeping your mind open for inspection 24×7. I mean would you allow somebody to read your thought every second you are awake? That will take some doing. Even for me it was very difficult. Just how difficult I will now tell you. Bear with me.

THE Kowloon Episode.

(Hit the Road Jack!)   I DID not quite understand what had happened to me on that bright and sunny day in Kowloon, Hong Kong in 1961, (that’s about 50 years ago) however here it is for your amusement as best as I can remember it.

It was a bright sunny day and so I walked out of my dim cabin to the deck to watch laborers un loading the cargo we had bought in. A change of scenery. Suddenly I began to feel a sense of uneasiness creep over me. I was beginning to feel disoriented from some of my surroundings. For example, A shore laborer who suddenly dug his hook into a sack to get a grip on it before he swung it aboard a crane made me feel as if he was gesturing to me that’s what he would do to me. Two laborers walked past me talking loudly and as one of them turned to look at me I felt that he was threading me. Frightened I   began to walk away back to my cabin and on the way there I heard someone say a sentence that I just thought of in my mind and I felt that he could read my mind. It happened again with another person who said exactly what I was thinking of at that time. I was worried sick and scared. I went to my cabin and sat down. I couldn’t move. That feeling that all was not right with me would not leave me. It was then I decided to tell the Capt I couldn’t work I wanted to leave ship because I was scared stiff. He gave me a tot of whisky and ordered me to go to my cabin and rest I did just that but that  feeling of depression got me and then I could hear voices within my head. I was totally terrified. I said to myself “my Gosh I am going nuts”. The voices were not by many humans but just one who would keep taunting me every now and again. And in the end he would sing a ditty “hit the road jack and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more hit the road jack. (a ray Charles number. I was something out of pop culture at that time and later too) after a day of me constantly worrying the Capt to relieve me, he got in touch with the owners and they decided to sign me off. The Capt then took me ashore to a nursing home in Hongkong and left me there. I found myself surrounded by people who were quite normal to look at but now and then one or two would scream and shout. It was then that I realized that the kind of institution I had been admitted into. I decided that if I was to get out of there I better keep quiet and cooperate. (My medicals said I was suffering from schizophrenia at that time). Soon I was winging my way back to Mumbai. My little suitcase followed me by ship as freight. It took a month to arrive.  But even that did not ground me. It took three more ships and a bad discharge to really ground me . I just didn’t want to leave shipping. It was my livelihood. I was trained to do a job  but when one is removed from his job through no fault of my own what can one do Only  now I know that I was being trained to get used to having someone read my mind 24×7 . It is one of the hardest things I had to go through. And a little nursery rhyme would unwind in my head” what shall I do where shall I run, this is the end of all my fun. We are not used to this kind of life where we have no privacy of the mind.

Believe you me it is very hard to write about these most painful moments in my life. I felt as if the ground had been swept from under my feet and I was lying flat on my back helpless and forlorn.  I went back to sea thrice thereafter that but in the end knew that I had to stay grounded  I was beaten (in the spirit) and bruised on three different ships before I had to leave for good. Well almost. I was conscripted by El Shaddai although at that time I did not know quite what to make of it. (Mind you on the advice of a Medical Practitioner, a family doctor I was carrying tranquillizers to get over the depression should it arrive). However there was not a chance of me going back to sea I was grounded. It is like when one is conscripted; I had to sign up and go to where the spirit would lead me.

I often thought about Jonah and how he too had to leave the sea and go back to warn Nineveh about what fate awaited it. I had to leave the sea for a slightly different reason. I had to tell two priests that the visions they were seeing had significance, were real and the messages conveyed to them had to be conveyed to others.  (They were visited by Jesus Christ with woeful messages of the state of his church. Please do keep in mind though that the Owner of ALL Christian Churches is THS)

Once firmly grounded, my life began to change. I had to familiarize myself with the Book of Love, The Bible. I had to make a study of the old and new testaments. I had to read scripture guides; explanations of the various books by the masters of biblical studies.

Among the many I read the following were of importance to me.

The New Jerome Bible commentary

William Barclay Bible commentaries on the New Testament. A God send at least for me. I found The Jerome commentary heavy reading compared to Barclay.

Gospel Parallels edited by Burton H. Throckmorton. Jr.

How to read the Old Testament and How to read the New Testament by Etienne Charpentier.

A compact history of the Catholic Church.

Books by modern  in the spirit writers, the charismatic church and the like..

An illustrated Atlas of the Bible Lands.

I wasn’t then on the Internet so my task was made all the more difficult.

If you are conscripted as a Priest or Pastor or a Religious, your task may be simpler. For me it was tough.

Time and again I would ask myself, why me? Why not some of the other lads I had finished high school with? They were any day holier than I was but that’s the way it ended. I was told by THS: “Consider it a lottery that you have won from all the other boys who went to high school with you,  to educate the priests who taught students like you when you was in school”. I finished high school in St Stanislaus in the year 1951.

Well then after completing my assignment of awaking Fathers Anthony Saldanha and Father Hyacinth Comas as to what was required of them I was at last relieved of my assignment but in that space of time my Certificate as a radioman had expired.(I was ashore for more than 8 years actually from 1972 to 1981 I had to re appear for some parts of that Certificate as endorsements and a new Seamen’s  book because there was no charge against me that had been actually logged in the Shipping Office. It was just something written in a state of fit by the Captain at that time. Any way it’s not a part of our story so I think we best leave it at that.

I was soon up and about with a new certificate, shipping book and ready to resume my life at sea with a difference. I was accompanied by THS and what an adventure that has been. The cities we visited, the miracles THS performed which I witnessed and the songs we sang together etc. We were happy (with Holy Spirit not alcohol) and if that’s no Joy in the Lord then correct me.

The reason for this chapter 2 is to make you aware of the COST of Life in the Spirit. Not only singing and dancing before the lord, but also a cold hard reminder of just who we were, the sins we had committed in the past and who we now are and the responsibilities that go with one to one communication, the new Kingdom of Heaven (Zion) which is within you and outside you. The WORLD of THS .

End of Part 2  the next will be MY actual life experiences with The Holy Spirit be prepared to be shocked in a friendly manner of course!


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