Buenos Diaz in Palermo Italy.

  1. I was attracted by a flyer which stated that a certain spirit filled Evangelist would soon be visiting Shivaji Park, Mumbai, to hold discourses on Life in the Spirit. This happened many years ago. I had to ask THS if it would be alright for me to attend and the answer was yes provided I would not try to get on stage and speak.   Anyway it would have been be a novelty for me. (Speaking on stage even if they had allowed me to do so, would have lead to clash of ‘ideologies’ involving THS which is why he did not want me to).
  2. So I got to standing on the outskirts of the park because getting close to center stage was next to impossible. It was packed. Whilst I was there standing there on the outskirts and taking in the beautiful hymns that were being sung by a choir, I noticed 3 women praying around a man with crutches. I walked a little closer to observe better and hardly had they finished praying, they began  crying out In loud voices saying ‘In Jesus’ name walk, In Jesus’ name walk. And then suddenly they grabbed hold of the man one on either side of the man and one behind him and started propelling him around forcing him to walk. The poor guy lost his sandals and his crutches in the process as they held him tightly.  I said to myself Gosh, what are they doing to this poor fellow, anyway I did not barge in or say a word. I could see the bewilderment and pain written on his face and could not help but feel sorry for him. After about five mins of haranguang him they returned to the place they had started and put him back into crutches. They then walked away and in the distance I saw them gather around another victim? It was embarrassing for THS.  If THS does not want to heal, he will not heal. Respect his choice of healing. Do not forget that THS is GOD! Is God under your command or are you under his?. I am not saying miracles do not happen; they do. It will however depend on THS and not on you to perform miracle.

What could have been said should have been something like this:” Dear Holy Spirit, If it is your desire this man be healed in the name of Jesus Please do so”. If the person does not get healed, respect his desires.

3.I have made a couple of trips to Palermo in Sicily. Quite a few of were healed there just compliments of THS (Our Stevie  theme was very much evident in the background ). On one such trip owing to the nature of the terrain, I could see a terraced or stepped  road uphill  with about five people moving about or just standing with the help of crutches’ at the  different terraced  levels of that street. I wondered how there could be so many lame on just that one street and in Europe for that matter.  Anyway I was saying to myself surely THS is going to heal at least one of them. I walked past them up the street and at the top end of it turned around into another street .Not a single one of those five were healed. What happened?  I do not know. THS does not chat as you would when walking with a friend. He hardly talks.

4. In Mk:6:5,6  let us recall:

And Jesus could do no miracles there except that he laid his hands upon a few sick people there and healed them. (Why no miracles there?) You can deduce right here it is only because THS who calls the shots.(Ever wondered why JC does not appear to every person in the world and convert him to his fold?Again it is because it is THS who decides on this aspect of our Faith. Difficult to understand this?  Well it has something to do with power can corrupt. Anyway Who can understand the mind of God but God. If he prefers several folds to one fold and one shepherd who are we to question?

I walk down a street with at least five men on crutches and not one of them gets healed and then on a lonely narrow side street with just one little maimed girl of around seven or eight years (who must be about 26 by now), He looks hard at her and says “ Buenos Diaz senorita”  and she is healed. (Why not bonjourno instead of Buenos Diaz? I don’t know but THS did say she could understand Italian as well as Spanish  and therefore  knew the one that healed her was a foreigner) I could well imagine the surprise of her parents when she got home and her folk quizzing her to find out how a slightly  lame girl (without crutches) got healed. A miracle yes but how and who was there to tell them . I did not follow although I did notice she was walking towards a nearby tenement. It’s not allowed for me to do so.

5.In the passing, my wife died of cancer 10 years ago.  A miracle was requested and it was not given although I begged and even cried for one.

The reason? It will keep.  It’s like that. In Life in the Spirit, you eat what is put on your plate. You do not complain.

6. If you are a catholic then the following is for you.

One does get bored doing the same task and living in the same home months on end,  so once a year at vacation time, one wants to go abroad to get back refreshed. Think of visiting a Pentecostal meeting like it is vacation time for a change and catch up with THS. We used to have such life in the spirit meetings in Bandra and “they” doused it. I wonder why?

Bye and take care,


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I flew out of Mumbai May 18, 1987, to board a Monrovian Bulk Carrier as radioman in the port of Costanza in the Black Sea.  After a few un- eventful voyages we headed for Tampa Florida where this incident took place.  We had entered   Tampa Florida around July 4. I was there on July 6th for sure because I still have a dictionary I had purchased  from a bookstore  in Tampa on which I had marked the  date of purchase  July 6, 1987, on its first page. It is not this book I want to write about, but about another, a more memorable one. Here is how it happened.

I had just finished my last watch for the day. I was relaxing in my cabin on the settee adjoining my bunk. It was past sunset. We were off Tampa waiting to berth the following morning. Like I said I was sitting on the settee when all of a sudden I was “pushed” to the floor in a kneeling position with my face bowed down execution style close to it. I then felt myself falling into an elevator shaft, a bottomless one.  I could see  its dark chocolate walls with glints of light rushing upwards past me as I hurtled downwards at a tremendous speed. Was I scared?  Of course I was and for the first time I screamed as one would screams on a roller coaster but only this time it was in an actual fear situation.  I thought my end had come and this was my judgment day.  I screamed again and then called out, Jesus help me, and then Mary help me. And a voice from out of the gloom kept taunting me “scream louder, they cannot hear you”. I did just that. I yelled at the top of my voice asking Jesus and Mary to help me.  That did not help at all. I felt that I had been abandoned by Jesus and Mary. I began to wonder why as I kept hurtling down and just when I thought I was going to hit damnation, I yelled with all of the force I could muster, a scream that only a deaf man on board that ship could not have heard.  It was not the fear of death that had scared me so but eternal damnation into which I was headed. If neither Jesus nor Mary could save me, what else could it be?

All of a sudden the elevator stopped its downward fall.  I then felt a fine drizzle envelope me. My first thought was what if somebody walked in and saw all the water on the floor.  I got worried that the cabin would soon fill up with water but soon that came to an end.  I slowly got up to my feet.  Funny my clothes felt dry in spite of the drizzle. I touched the sheets on the bunk and they too were dry.  I switched on the lights and noticed that the floor was dry too.  I cautiously opened my cabin door to ascertain if there were any crew standing outside , not a soul. I peered down the alley way leading to my cabin. It was empty.  Surprising, the way I had screamed I expected to see at least half a dozen or more of the crew outside my cabin calling to ask if I was alright. Nothing of that sort. The only explanation I can give is that the whole cabin had turned into a gigantic sink which had absorbed all the sound that had emanated from within its walls. I closed the door. My knees were trembling,. I sat down on the settee. I knew I had a narrow escape from death but for what purpose? I began to ask myself. Why did the Devil let me go?  He had twice attacked me before; once when he broke my rosary on board another ship and another time at home where he almost completely destroyed it.  All of a sudden I felt a burning desire to read from the Bible. I did not have a copy.  I am a Rosary man. Always was one. That is the only instrument of prayer I ever carried up to then on board any ship I sailed on. It always stayed under my pillow which was its usual resting place.  Suddenly the thought struck me that there may be a copy of The Bible in the ship’s library. I went there and look around for one but no such luck. I returned to my cabin with a strong determination to pick up a copy the next morning when the ship docked in Tampa.

The next morning after breakfast, I was standing by the gangway taking in the Port of Tampa and  hoping to catch the ship’s Agent coming aboard with the mail, it was  my duty to distribute it to the crew members and of course with the hope he had bought us some local money.  I had none with me and I need some badly to go ashore and purchase a copy of the Bible.

Soon a man boarded the ship carrying a satchel and enquired of me the whereabouts of the Captain. I replied that he would most likely be in his cabin. He then asked me whether I had a copy of the Bible. I said negative but I would like to buy one except I have no dollars and the agent had not yet arrived with it. He took one out of his satchel and gave it to me with these words that have been etched in my mind since then.

“The word of God is free son, there be no charges”.

Wow, I breathed a sigh of relief. I took that copy to my cabin and glanced through it. Duty was beckoning so I had to let go. I thanked God for the Gift.

From that day on began my foray into the word of God as the world knew it. I began to drill deeper and deeper and got afraid at times that if I went in any further I’d be caught in a whirlpool from which I would find it hard to come out of.

Mind you I did not attach any thing to that experience then but only much later in Déjà Vu after  having made a study of  the bible and reading  many books written about the Holy Spirit did I realize that on that day and in that cabin in Tampa Florida SRT was Born Again. Yes one could say “I was Born Again” around Independence Day July 87 in the USA.

I came to know too much later that it was THS who had motivated that preacher to visit our ship and also moved him to hand me a copy of the Bible for free.

For THS these doings are no sweat.

Bye and take care, and keep checking in, there’s more to come.


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I am not here for your entertainment.

December 10, 2011.


Acts 8:18

When Simon saw that the Spirit had been given at the laying on of the apostles hands, he offered them money and said, “Give me also this ability so that on every one I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.

Peter answered “May your money perish with you because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money.  You have no part or share in this ministry because your heart is not right before God”.


Acts 3:3

When he saw Peter and John going in, he begged them to give him something.

They looked straight at him and Peter said:” look at us! So he looked at them expecting to get something from them. But Peter said to him I have no money at all, but I give you what I have in the name of Jesus…


If it is not for money, then, what is this power and to whom  is it given and furthermore for what purpose?

Popes who say they are the successors of the apostles and therefore have this power through succession speak absolute rubbish.  Even the successor ship can be questioned with no less than 3 popes claimed successor ship at one time. If they had THS surely it would have been sorted out.

Any that’s done with now that El-Shaddai rules the church. Any doubts?

The Holy Spirit often tells me: “I am not here for you entertainment, I am here to do my work!

This sponsorship is given you for a purpose, the work of God. (Your holiness becomes mandatory in the process.)

If there is no work in sight, then what would be the need of the Holy Spirit.

Story time:

I had just got out of the Office lobby of St Peters Church Bandra, when I noticed a young man working towards me. From the looks of it, he most probably must have come to beg  for charity.

He was epileptic.  Both his hands were up in the air, slightly bent and trembling. His legs seemed slightly bent too from his gait; at least one foot was and he was singing a Konkani hymn to Our Lady. I walked past him and after having moved a few steps behind him, THS ordered me to turn around and face the back of the man. The man  had by then almost reached the entrance of the lobby.

Then the spirit said “watch” and almost immediately, the Miracle took place.

He stopped trembling. He kept looking at -his hands in disbelief as he lowered them. He took a few steps forward and THS made me to leave which I did not desire to do at that critical time. I wanted to wait and see more. I wanted to meet the man and ask him who he was, where he lived and how long he had been in that condition.  But I was told to move it. I did. One does not stop to argue with THS. (His name is ‘Marian’ acc to THS given to me this Dec 2011)

I cannot give you all the particulars of this case BUT there was a reason for this miracle happening.

It was to boost my confidence so that when the time came for me to talk to Father Comas and Father Saldanha I could do so with confidence. For sure I could tell them that the Holy Spirit was with me.

It was the First Miracle I witnessed the Holy Spirit perform.  It was Sheer Magic. How was it done Quien Sabe! I saw it and I know and can vouch that what you read in the Acts is true. He is a Miracle Worker. But then he is God No?


Over the years I have seen many such miracles performed by THS in various countries I have visited .  In case you are wondering about this I have to remind you that I was serving in the merchant navy as a Radioman or Marconi as they were called then. The breed no longer exists.  So I got to travel a bit, see places and the like and of course witness the Miracles THS worked.  But the pattern never altered, I could not approach the recipient and talk to them or ask question and even if approached I had to play dumb and quietly turn and walk away from the scene.

Why?  Because if I told you, you would laugh. Anyway for the sake of a laugh, .O.K.   My head would swell with pride.

Bye and take care,

More in my next blog.

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Un Avec The Holy Spirit

The purpose of this blog is to explain “ Life in the Holy Spirit “ as viewed through the window of my mind and Soul.
– SRT.

First things first:
I have often been told by THS that he wasn’t waiting for me to come and explain about his workings to the world. Others might have also done so in the past. I am but one of his many instruments . (Yes, he does get blunt with me at times but then I am the donkey on which he rides, at most times.(present era).
To begin with:

1) Is there a Holy Spirit?
2)What positive response about him can we gleam from the New Testament?.
In ACTS 8:26-40.(New International Version)
We have the Angel of the Lord or The Holy Spirit clearly telling Philip :
“Go south to the road, the desert road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.
Then again “Go to that chariot and stay near it”.
From what has been quoted above, one can see that Philip had to ” hear” clear cut instructions from the Holy Spirit before he could act! If one cannot “hear” the Holy Spirit, then there is no Holy Spirit worth mentioning.
A lot of people act as if they are imbued with The Holy Spirit and performing according to his instructions.
The question you may want to ask your Bishop or Minister is
“Are you with The Holy Spirit?’
If he says yes, the next question is: “Do you hear him through inner locution?” And if he says yes again, then tie your self to his apron strings. If not treat him with some respect because after all, he is doing the Lords work and believe me, “the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. Yeshua needs every worthy hand to help him in his Ministry to bring souls to El Shaddai. (Or law and order at a sprirtual level into this world).

Again , Who is the Holy Spirit?
He is  the 3rd person of the Blessed Trinity. He cannot be separated from El-Shaddai until and unless El Shaddai says so,
THS cannot be separate from Yeshua. If you were to leave the Christian Body of Christ and board another Religious Train e.g. Buddist, THS does not travel with you. He is attached to Yeshua and El Shaddai.
Do not other religions have a THS like ours? I do not know. Like I said, THS does not travel ouside the Christian Continent!
Other religious continents e.g Brahman-istas, Sikhs Jains, etc exist but I am not yet qualified to comment on their structure or arrangements that might have been made with the Eternal mind of El Shaddai.
I hope that someday, I may be able to put all off this in perspective or may be other instruments will for sure. (I am not the only one).
Remember what I have been saying for the past 45 years, Religion is a means to an end not an end in itself.
It has a purpose as envisaged by God, to establish Law and Order in the minds and heart of its followers be they Brahman-istas or Sikhs or Jains etc.

THS – The Holy Spirit.
SRT – Sunray Tony.
YESHUA – Jesus Christ.
El Shaddai – The new name for The Christian God. To be treated with respect. No more chanting “my God, my God, Oh my God, etc” His name is not “my God” it is and will always remain for the followers of Christ as EL-Shaddai.

“EVERY COUNTRY SHOULD HAVE A LOCAL POPE WHO WILL LOOK DIRECTLY TO ME FOR ETERNAL SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE”. – El Shaddai.( This quotation is taken from God’s Blog which is now closed).


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